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50 prompts over the course of 100 days!

Be Challenged will give you prompts every other day to nudge you to be creative atleast half of the Week. There is no catch to this. It is as clean cut as that!

You can tag and find tagged work on Dribbble,Behance and Codepen with the tag #bechallenged

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Be Challenged for 100 days !

Web Design Focused

Unlike DailyUI, we focus on web design and development. There will be some front-end code challenges.


You are free to interpet the prompts as how ever you feel like it is correct. There is not inherit guide to how it should be completed. It is entirely up to you.


After signing up you will start recieving a prompt every other day. Emails will only be prompts, there will be no spam.

You'll be amazed by what you can create.

Our Goal

To teach

We want students and enthusiasts alike to explore new ways to be creative in their own way

Help improve

Being creative daily will keep you sharp and when sharing your success you will get valuable feedback from others in the same shoes!

For you to share

We encourage you to share your success on Dribbble,Codepen and Behance under the tag #Bechallenged

To create a community

In hopes this will create a mentor-student type community where newcommers can look at others work and get feedback from those who have improved

Get you to iscover

Do not be afraid to look at others work for inspiration. Check out places like Dribbble, Behance and Pinterest! On dribbble under tag Dailyui you will find alot of creative inspiration

Bolster your portfolio

This is a great challenge to help you create a portfolio for you that is just your own pure creativity